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Scott August 24, am. Love Merle Haggard. Merle was one of his influences. Also how I got introduced to The Band. Can anyone give me a few of his best albums?

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I want to give them a test ride. Matt August 24, am. Truth5 August 24, am. Jack Williams August 24, am. Zac Schaneman August 24, pm.

Bear August 25, pm. A solid collab from start to finish. His catalog is huge so there is much to discover. Rockin' Ed September 3, am. Scott—do yourself a favor…..

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Janice Brooks August 24, am. August 24, am. He has a song called Too Much Boogie Woogie on one of his newer albums.

Gregory A Freeman-The Last Mission Of The Wham Bam Boys

Ben Jones August 24, pm. Eric August 24, pm. The sad thing is that the current recession could truly use some songs like this instead of the bro-country garbage we are getting. However, I am sometimes reminded that the Depression itself was full of upbeat music in both the pop and the then nascent country worlds , while the deep songs about poverty came decades down the road from those who grew up during the Depression.

Who knows, maybe sometime in the future, people will be singing about how life was during the Great Recession…. Mike2 August 24, pm. Maybe, but I doubt it. Bob Phelan August 25, am. What I just read from Eric is a testament to the importance of your site, Trigger.

Klancy August 24, pm. Way to go Merle. I saw him this summer and he still kicks ass on stage. Banker , by Nicholas P. Such transactions require about half a minute, but it is not unusual to wait in line fifteen minutes or more while those who are banking on behalf of business get their requirements met.

Potter and Fleet Admiral Chester W. One other idea the reader gains—probably unintended by the authors. That is of the fragility of navies. One of the most impressive things in the book is the lightning suddenness with which capital ships destroy one another. The phrase merely refers to suddenness in an article about the American actress, singer and dancer Carol Elaine Channing , published in The Arizona Republic Phoenix, Arizona of Monday 21 st May The show hit Broadway.

There she was, back again, still scared. That is, unless there was a 49 somewhere One of my favorite bits was the vocal loop of their zingy offspring The Madness. Today they crawled into a plastic bag blown up by an inflation fan. Keep away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens.

The Motelles record release.

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Wisely, they left off most of the obvious Girl Group covers and went for the obscure the late great Johnny Ace, anyone? It was engineered by Manny Rettinger of Ubik Sound I still have a few cassettes on Ubik from the 80s in my impenetrable stacks. Speaking of which, the hard-working dedicated folk of Phantom Lake opened with their signature set of high desert surf noir. Next, 5 Star Motelles delivered a fun-as-a-barrel-of-lemurs set.

As usual. Instant sugar rush surged through my veins and made my temples pound. Aversion therapy is powerful. As it turns out, since the summer I have been neighbors with this incredibly talented duo.

WonderCon 12222 in Anaheim: Star Trek, superheroes, cosplay and wam-bam, thank you, Shazam!

Yep, only a few blocks away. Have I visited? The set was superb in spite of the Tannex being packed to the rafters. Space and oxygen was in short supply so we headed out into the cool night, mid-set. The restaurant owners were always more kind and patient than they needed to be, what with an empty house and meathead Mohawk punks dining and dashing.

Fucking idiots. Anyway tonight it was a packed house with much of the clientele being ordinary citizens who just happened by. One of my favorite parts was the extra-special audience guest spot by none other than ex- Motelle Bonbon Von BonBon, armed of course with her camera. Good to see ya, Miss Minie! Well, kinda. Fingers crossed. I found that out too late to work into the schedule as we had to fly to Distillery for the birthday celebration of the ageless Ms.

Mel Mrs. Dave Beard to you. It was all thumps and beats and hips and hops attended by a number of ladies with whom I forayed to Effex in the not-too-distant but neither too-close past. It was never my cup of tea.

Good Ol' Boys Club

The dance beats I mean; being the sole assumed gay guy in the midst of a flock of ladies was pretty cool though. The girls had my back in case any boys got too fresh. Actually, though, none ever did. It was worth the wait.