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Besides the drug-related supply-demand chain between both countries, the flow of arms into Mexico and money laundering activities both conducted by the DEA itself have been abundantly documented. The "Merida Initiative," drafted by the U.

The most telling connection is that of the training provided by the U. The Zetas cartel, responsible for the escalation of violence and the brutality of the killings, is made up of deserter personnel from elite Mexican Army commandos trained in Georgia. There are also documented connections between them and the Kaibilies, elite commandos of Guatemala. Volume 2. Oakland: New Village Press. Since he has been a member of Arte Litoral, an independent network of artists, critics, curators, and scholars interested in new ways of thinking about contemporary artistic practice and critical theory.

Meitin has been involved in…. See more: Keynote Lectures. In this keynote address, titled Safeguarding Cultural Heritage, delivered as….

1789: A Requiem

His initiatives tended to involve grand gestures, often including local artists or personal appearances by the mayor himself — taking a shower in a commercial about conserving water, or walking…. Her work…. Through live performance, video, and photographic projects, Disorientalism explores how these forces mediate race, gender, and bodies. He has lectured at academic and cultural convenings in Europe and the Americas, and shown his….

Helene Vosters and Kim McLeod, both artist-scholars,engage in their first creative collaboration. Their work addresses a number of questions including: How can performance alter our relationships with everyday space? Augusto Boal is an innovative and influential Brazilian theatrical director, writer, pedagogue and politician.

He is considered to be on of the most important creators of political theater since Brecht. He was a Member of Parliament for Rio de Janeiro from Boal is the founder of Theater of the Oppressed, a political theatrical form originally used in radical popular education movements, growing up alongside Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Theater of the Oppressed is a system of….

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See more: Lectures and Presentations. Introduction by Lourdes Arizpe. He is the author of more than a dozen books in Spanish, both fiction and nonfiction, including Amor Perdido,…. See more: Encuentro Keynotes.

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Exploring the choreographies of these movements, I introduce a distinction between contentious politics and prefigurative politics, and examine their archives and repertoires of struggle. This video footage shows a discussion around the journal in a meeting of artists. The interview was considered a wrong move. In part 2, they discuss the homage that the journal decided to…. Performance artist and playwright Dan Fishback works out some of his anxieties about queer history, gay representation, male protagonism, and the limits of the queer imagination in this vaguely academic but not really captial-T 'Talk,' theoretically leading toward some thoughts and hopefully some revelations about queer ennui, queer depression, and how the adult queer universe can strategize to prevent queer teenage suicide.

Along the way, he discusses Lady Gaga, prostalgia pro-active nostalgia , David Halperin's How to Be Gay, and Fishback's own book-in-progress, Thirtynothing, based on his solo performance of the same name. Thirtynothing explores the legacy of gay artists who…. Their members wanted to make a strategic material from the excerpt; in this sense, their methodology is based on a fragmented reality, and heterogeneity. It also posits the body as a symptom and an effect, examining the trail of power it leaves in its wake.

Biography Diamela Eltit is a distinguished Chilean performance artist, novelist and cultural critic. Winner of the Guggenheim Fellowship and numerous other awards and appointments, Eltit was a member of the acclaimed Colectivo de Acciones de Arte…. As political parties fail to represent their constituencies, people are re-learning to represent themselves. She is the author of Theatre of Crisis: Drama….

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Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani Peru is a collective formed in , who travel paths sustained by theatrical performance research conducted from the perspective of a group culture with diverse roots both traditional and contemporary. Their works have resulted in unique processes going far beyond the material…. This project will examine how movements succeed in penetrating the fog generated by dominant political discourse, and how they sometimes wield sufficient power or leverage by disrupting institutionalized relationships Biography Frances Fox Piven is on the faculty of the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

In this talk I examine its popular appeal through the vantage point of its art, artistry, and trickery. She researches, writes, and teaches on digital activism and computer hackers.

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For George Lewis, living, working, and performing with creative machines of his own design is closely intertwined with the study of how improvisation produces knowledge and meaning. Part memoir, part history and criticism, the talk intersects with critical histories of new media and American experimentalism, as well as ethnographic and historical work on improvisation.

Biography George E. Introduction by Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett. A graduate of Harvard University, where he studied Literature and History, he completed postgraduate studies at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has been…. Moderator: Nick Mirzoeff Biographies Jacques Servin Andy Bichlbaum, US is a co-founder of the Yes Men, a group that has accomplished numerous high-profile media interventions serving to highlight environmental, economic and social injustices and the systemic problems that lead to them. Everywhere secularism is in retreat.

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Not only are fundamentalists on the rise but also many competing brands of spirituality are now widely disseminated through media, film, best selling fiction and television. While most orthodox religions have always used ritual and performance, telecommunications and televisual effects are transforming religion into religiosity.

It is the density of violence that unfolds throughout the history of what Paul Ricoeur calls the structures of the terrible, those "forces" of instinct and exploitation inscribed in politics from its foundation. The journey of memory, however, defatalizes the past, recuperating its incompleteness Walter Benjamin. They acknowledge and appreciate an audience. Every poet likes to experiment; I know I do. What is so wrong with writing narrative—with being accessible?

When did either of those become dirty words?

Derek Walcott, Kamau Braithwaite, and Glissant. In so doing, he implies and then outright states his argument: From the frequently offered and very misunderstood example of the West African griot and its lesser-known female counterpart, the griotte to the aunties and uncles who sat on porches or who perched on seats in dirt under tall trees, narrative—the accessible, oral tradition—has been important in the passing down of black culture to subsequent generations.

It has been important to fiction and poetry. Narrative is not limited to a stylistic device. In black poetry, narrative constitutes the reverential impulse, what Dawes clearly has mastered, and what I and many other black poets long to master but are cautioned against, lest we be labeled old-fashioned—too accessible. Yet consider these lines:. Buried in the hill country, the swamplands, the forests of this New World oven the words of tribes linger like old mystery songs tracing us back to something.

Requiem for a Reader Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Who is Dawes talking to? Poems from the Divan of Hafiz! Catalog Record: Ornithologia, or The birds: a poem, in two Hathi Trust Digital Library For me, a black poet concerned with the ancestral project, absolutely everything. This greatly facilitates our work in classifying and recognizing esoteric practices, since the Right-Hand Path has taken many forms throughout history. As already observed by others before us, many of these practices are in open and bloody struggle with each other, despite being similar in their intent.

The Right-Hand Path has always declared that its Qabalah is a complete and indisputable key to the universe and its mysteries, and that the glyph of the Celestial Man encloses a clear and self-evident truth.

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This is, of course, false. The most important concept the western hermetic tradition is based on is that of Equilibrium; meaning that there is a perpetual symmetry in the cosmos and that the individual-man-God can always be at the center of it. The universe described by this doctrine is a perfectly reversible perpetual engine, where everything is preserved; the initiate can achieve eternal life only this way. Every microscopic instant of a process in equilibrium coincides with its beginning and its end, so the secret of this equilibrium is the number zero, the point of virtual immobility where every forward movement perfectly mirrors a movement backwards.

We can explain our attachment to the concept of equilibrium in accordance to our nature as limited living systems; an order must be internally maintained, that guarantees our survival and the functioning of our machines; the amazement we experience before our organic organization is a deceptive feeling that hides a misunderstanding of the true cost of our existence. As we face the evidence of our inevitable disintegration, we want to believe in conservation because we seek a theory that makes life less useless, but above all less necessary; a universe in disequilibrium places us before the realization that we are nothing but a spontaneous and frantic proliferation of molecular machines that burn, consume, duplicate and die, in an ineluctable and meaningless dance.