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Duhalde's measures are not at all sufficient to deal with the problems. Anarchists criticize it, stick to their economical advice, and recommend a broad based democratic assembley with mandate to take majority decisions. Worried savers and 'home-made crisis'. Inflation fears, unemployment hike? Anarchists have further comments and advice. A mob protests against Duhalde's policy, and say they are "tired of being treated like dirt". More riots and ochlarchy. Duhalde calls the chaos "anarchy", calls for an "arch", i.

Labor federations with anarchist banners are marching in the streets. New chief of the federal reserve central bank is appointed. Duhalde says he is sitting on "a ticking bomb". Anarchists have more advice. People are still marching in the streets. Protest with reason! Protesters call it looting of their future. Later the police in Buenos Aires fired teargas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters in the streets. The anarchists put up a plan for economical recovery. The bank plutarchs will sabotage supreme court's decisions about normal bank-services.

This is harming the economy. The anarchists analyse what went wrong with the economy, and thus why anarchist economics, included demand managent are necessary, and they give further advice. More demonstrations against Duhalde. Cut the mercantilistic as well as monetaristic crap "plans", and prepare for anarchist economics! G7 meeting with discussion about Argentina. The people fear inflation!

Report and summary - December - January from F.

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Anarchist criticism of the Argentinian Trotskyite type "wannabe libertarian" party, i. Updated figures and new scenarios of anarchist economics. Duhalde continues on the wrong track.

Protest marches! More about the floating peso. Comment from AIE. Anarchist comment on Guillermo Perry's note on Argentina. Hundreds of Argentines angry over a freeze of their bank deposits smashed banks' windows with hammers and rolling pins.

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The anarchists are warning Duhalde. Unemployed are marching in the streets. Anarchists are warning about marxist-lubbeism , and call for anarchist demand management to hike employment. More news and comments. Wage hike. Galtieri arrested. Peso down. US aid. Banks open. Worse in Argentina.

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Unemployment hike. Junta history. Call for solidarity. Default on payment of debt to World Bank. As of , there were roughly worker-owned businesses in Argentina, most of which were started in response to this crisis.

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It is also more capitalist than the USA, with a ginindex at Argentina is located in the conservative sector, a little to the left, and a bit downwards, of USA, in the quadrant of liberalism on the economical-political map. The coordinates of the economic-political system in Argentina are long term average structural estimates. The anarchists support the direct actions of the farmers! The anarchists suspect a marxist leftwing extremist ochlarch. There are now more than worker-recovered businesses in Argentina.

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There are pressure and demonstrations for more cooperatives. Argentina's Central Bank president resigns. Last Argentine dictator jailed for 25 years.

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Argentina: Greek financial rescue doomed to fail. Argentines mourn dead former president Nestor Kirchner who steered the country out of crisis via advice of anarchist economics, by the libertarians. Problems in F. Anti-corruption protests. Argentina has defaulted on its debt. And more Argentina - President Fernando de la Rua has resigned II. Ochlarchy and looting III. Cut bureaucracy costs IV. Argentina is not a potential nightmare V. State of emergency lifted VI.

Economic challenge VII. Emergency reimposed IX. Rodriguez Saa - an anarchist criticism XI. It could have been heaven, but a greedy plutarchist bureaucracy made it hell. Rodriguez Saa is still far out and very authoritarian, the anarchists have some more advice XV. Economic chaos and protests XVI. Show of anger XVII. Interim government have offered to resign. Cash curbs and populist chaos economics are no solution XIX. New riots and new president XXI.

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From the populist left. Expected devaluation XXII. Uncertainty ahead and conflicting interests XXIV.